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CFS The Southern Poetry Anthology – Georgia

Editors Paul Ruffin and William Wright now seek submissions for the fifth volume in the series THE SOUTHERN POETRY ANTHOLOGY, featuring Georgia poets. The anthology will be published by Texas Review Press in 2012.

If you are a Georgia native, or if you have lived in Georgia for more than one year at any time, please feel free to send up to five poems for consideration. This anthology is not limited to those who have published before; first-time submitters are invited as well as those who have had full-length poetry books published by national presses. The only rules: Poems must be original and of high quality.

The editors will consider formal poems and free verse, as well as hybrid forms like prose poems. Poems about Georgia are not necessarily championed over other motifs and themes, as the editors wish for the “sense of place” to manifest in different ways, with different voices.

Please note that the success of this anthology depends a great deal on word of mouth. Notify your poetry students, poetry-writing friends, and gifted nemeses of this opportunity.


Please submit your poems to the Series Editor and Volume Editor, William Wright, at vercimber-at-hotmail-dot-com. Please type “Georgia Poetry Submission” in your subject heading, then include your first and last names in parentheses. For example: Georgia Poetry Submission (William Wright). Unfortunately, snail-mail submissions are not possible given the nature of our editing process.

Please include a short cover letter within the text of the e-mail, as well as names of the poems submitted. Submit a maximum of five poems, and ensure that the poems are sent in .rtf (Rich Text Format), .doc (World 97-03), or .docx (Word 2007) format. Please include all submitted poems in only one attachment (this is important).

All submissions should include a brief bio (up to 150 words) after the poems and on a separate page. Please italicize names of publications.

The editors welcome both new and previously published work. However, if poems have been previously published, submitters must hold rights to them and provide full publication data (journal and/or book publisher, title of book/journal if applicable, date of publication). Finally, please make sure that each submission includes a preferred e-mail address and street mailing address within the text of the e-mail and on at least one page of the attached submission.

Submission Deadline: NOVEMBER 30 (Early submissions encouraged!)

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