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Celebrating William Stafford at 100

Guest Editor Israel Wasserstein puts forth North Dakota Quarterly‘s newest issue that celebrates William Stafford at 100. “Stafford’s poems stayed with me in their quiet resolve, and their commitment to his values, to the elegance of plain speech, and to finding that which is holy in one’s experience,” writes Wasserstein. “All of which to say, when the opportunity arose to edit he William Stafford Celebration issue . . . I was thrilled.” As a closing note, he writes, “I hope that you will find in these pages proof of the continuing relevance of Stafford’s words and life, and of the powerful, moving, and diverse work being done by those whom he has influenced. I hope that you will find these remarkable works celebratory, even when they face tragedy and loss, even when they are at their most serious.”

The issue itself features work from Paulann Petersen, Regina and Tim Gort, Jeff Gundy, Philip Metres, Fred Whitehead, Richard Levine, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Mark Dudley, Abayomi Animashaun, Linda Whittenberg, Karin L. Frank, Meg Hutchinson, and so many more.

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