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Celebrate National Poetry Month with 32 Poems

32 Poems will feature five book recommendations (or an interview with a poet) for each day in April. Their goal is to share favorite poetry books with people and to promote the work of the recommending poet. Below is the month’s schedule thus far:

April 1: John Poch
April 2: Jonterri Gadson
April 3: Eric Weinstein
April 4: M.E. Silverman
April 5: Arielle Greenberg
April 6: Lucy Biederman
April 7: Eric Pankey
April 8: Deborah Ager
April 9: Collin Kelley
April 10: Jennifer Atkinson
April 11: Luke Johnson
April 11: Interview with Terri Witek
April 12: Holly Karapetkova
April 13: TBD
April 15: Carolina Ebeid
April 16: M. Scott Douglass
April 17: Adam Vines
April 18: Elizabeth J. Coleman
April 19: Bernadette Geyer
April 20: Sally Molini
April 21: Interview with Jeffery L. Bahr
April 21: Kelli Russell Agodon
April 22: Jeannine Hall Gailey
April 23: George David Clark
April 24: Rachel Zucker
April 25: Lisa Russ Spaar
April 26-on TBD

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