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Cartography with a Twist

The Antioch Review‘s latest issue boasts a special theme, “Cartography with a Twist.” In an editor’s note, Robert S. Fogarty writes, “Our authors have shown great industry also and even greater imagination in depicting their varied worlds, as they perceive them through others and in travel to places as diverse as India, Dublin, Ireland, Richmond, Virginia, the interior of a therapist’s office (Boston), a college town (Iowa City), or the White House (that is D.C.). involving a planned liaison that ran afoul of a national crisis. There are some great tales here, some memorable characters, and a deep appreciation for the varieties of human experience that are to be found just around the corner or continents away.”

The issue includes work by Ken Bode, Thomas J. Cottle, Bruce Fleming, Patricia Foster, Molly Haskell, James Marcus, Maureen McCoy, Peter Blickle, Kirk Nesset, Keven Ducey, Brandon Krieg, Joseph Harrison, and many more.

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