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Carolina Quarterly Tagline Contest

Here’s something to talk about over turkey: The Carolina Quarterly is asking readers to come up with a tag line for issue 61.3 with a free 1-year subscription prize. You submit your entry by posting to the comments section on the CQ website. Here’s a bit more from their post:

Since 2010, each issue of The Carolina Quarterly has contained a unique tag line, appearing on the title page at the front and subscription form at the back of the journal. Now we want your help to come up with the next one.

Recent tag lines include:
Punctilious Whimsy Since 1948
Obdurate Effervescence Since 1948
Habitually Nascent Since 1948
Prurient Scripturience Since 1948
Comfortably Eclectic Since 1948

Guidelines: Tag lines must be 22 characters or less, and ideally two words, in keeping with precedent. The tag line should make sense as a descriptor of The Carolina Quarterly and should indicate something we’ve been/been doing “Since 1948.”

Deadline: December 1

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