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Cara Wants Your Creative Community Projects

From Poet Educator Activist Cara Benson:

Looking for creative works/projects in community. Creating a line of study, here. Please send all suggestions my way (cbenson67[at]yahoo[dot]com). Examples include: Kaia Sand’s Portland poetry walks, Claudia Rankine’s Provenance of Beauty, Tree Museum in the Bronx. Also, artmaking/writing with community.

And just plain old creation, in situ. Of situ.

Thinking social justice and sustainability. Yes, art and politics. Praxis, please.
I’m very much interested in theory and essays. Even numbers (statistics) on things like poetry reducing recidivism. Creative projects fostering neighborhood ties. Fostering concern for care of community, ecology. Cultural influence on politics. Oh, the Humanities…

[Stay tuned for results – to be shared with NewPages.]

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