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Canteen Editor Change

With the publication of Canteen‘s newest issue comes the end of Executive Editor Mia Lipman’s work with the magazine. She says that “it’s been more thrilling than dismaying to see the steep evolution of literary media since my cofounders and I first imagined the scope of our journal. We pictured it only in print that night in Brooklyn. But as we put the final touches on our inaugural iPad edition last year, it didn’t feel like a concession–it felt like a natural complement.”

The issue features Joshua Mohr, Rachel Howard, Marina Read Weiss, Marcus Jackson, Greg Vargo, Stacey Duff, Shanthi Sekaran, Gordon Edgar, Marlerie Willens, Matthew Aaron Goodman, Rowland Stebbins, Dave Katz, Sonny Smith, and an intriguing cover by Scott Campbell.

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