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Call to Action :: PEN American Center

From PEN American Center:

Our colleagues in China need your help.

Last month, in cooperation with the courageous members of the Independent Chinese PEN Center, PEN launched We Are Ready for Freedom of Expression, a campaign aimed at freeing all writers and journalists imprisoned in China before the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Noted Chinese authors Liu Xiaobo and Zheng Yi were among those joining international counterparts Margaret Atwood, Francine Prose, and Salman Rushdie in launching this important campaign. The support and participation of PEN Members in the United States is vital to our collective success.

Take action today by adding your name to two PEN petitions:

Petition to the Chinese government

Petition to the U.S. Congress to ban U.S. involvement in internet censorship in China

This is a historic moment in which the international community has the opportunity to pressure the Chinese government to improve its human rights record. Take time now to sign the petitions, and join us in our advocacy work in the weeks ahead.

Help us win the release of our colleagues in Chinese prisons and expand freedom of expression in China in this crucial year.

Many thanks,

Francine Prose

Larry Siems
Director, Freedom to Write and International Programs

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