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Cadillac Cicatrix California Fire Response


Dear Friends …

I write to you with an update on the third issue of Cadillac Cicatrix and with news about our recent evacuation due to the encroachment of wildfires upon our office.

As some of you know, the recent spread of California wildfires has been difficult and exhausting for many communities and fire fighters. Our office has been threatened for the past two months by not only one fire but now a second, more serious fire.

On Saturday, July 12, we were persuasively evacuated from our offices because The Basin Complex Fire had come within potential striking distance of the community where we are located. The Basin Complex is the same fire that threatened Big Sur two weeks ago and has since moved northeast toward Carmel Valley through the Ventana Wilderness.

The fire is currently less than a comfortable distance from the Cadillac Cicatrix office and moving ever closer.

This being said, we are optimistic about the outcome, and we are attempting to move forward with our project (now from a satellite location) but it has been difficult – we are in a state of resolute plodding. Our intentions are to continue as we have for the past two years, but many of our files are currently in a tenuous location and it is uncertain when we might be able to access them.

Depending on the weather, the ability of thousands of fire fighters, as well as military and federal authorities, we could be back in our offices within a few weeks. If the worst does come to pass … well, I’d rather not think about it.

In the spirit of good communication, we only wish to inform you of our current situation and that the release of our third issue (in print any way) has been somewhat delayed.

The entire content of the issue – a focus on ADAPTATION – is available free online at www.CadillacCicatrix.org. We invite you to enjoy the very many talented writers and artists who have contributed to this issue, released July 1.

I look forward to sending you a more positive update soon and thank you for your continued support of our project.


Benjamin Spencer
Executive Editor

21800 Parrot Ranch Road
Carmel Valley, CA 93924
[email protected]

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