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C4’s Best of the Web Fiction Anthology

Chamber Four Fiction Anthology: Outstanding Stories from the Web 2009/2010 is available for free download (PDF and mulit-eReader formats) and includes 25 stories chosen by C4 editors for their “availability online and that hard-to-define but unmistakable hallmark of quality.” Full table of contents and author bios, as well as bonus content (interviews with Angie Lee, Roy Giles, Andy Henion, Scott Cheshire, and “Publishers Lie and Other Things We Learned From Publishing ‘The Chamber Four Fiction Anthology’”) is available on C4’s Anthology page.

Authors whose works were chosen for the C4 Anthology: Andrea Uptmor, Angie Lee, Scott Cheshire, Alanna Peterson, Eric Freeze, Steve Almond, Sarah Salway, Svetlana Lavochkina, Valerie O’Riordan, L.E. Miller, B.J. Hollars, C. Dale Young, Andy Henion, Aaron Block, Steve Frederick, Trevor J. Houser, Roy Giles, Emily Ruskovich, David Peak, Castle Freeman, Jr., Ron MacLean, Corey Campbell, Taryn Bowey, Michael Mejia, William Pierce.

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