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Buy This Man a Shirt! Please!

Our buddy M. Scott Douglass at Main Street Rag has an invitational for readers and Harley fans alike. He is a MAJOR collector of Harley-Davidson t-shirts. Apparently, THE t-shirt is a big deal among fans… So, buy Scott a Harley t-shirt from your local Harley shop (around $30), send it to him, and he’ll give you a two-year subscription to Main Street Rag (worth $45).

Specs from Scott: “Must be a short sleeve t-shirt, XL, color… I’m not a brown or pink kinda guy, black is always good, but I have a lot of those already as well as a lot of orange–one of Harley’s other colors. I don’t have any bright yellow or cream–lighter colors like baby blue or light green–but almost any color is cool. Here’s where I get prissy: I prefer only one or two colors on the back. Harley dealerships customize the backs to advertise themselves. A lot of them do a full color display of some unique image–often significant to the region. Full color means a lot of lay down of ink, vinyl screen printing ink, as many as five layers (if you are printing on black). I plan to wear every one of these shirts at some point. Do you know how heavy four layers vinyl color gets when riding in the hot Carolina sun? One color is cooler, easier to read, AND cheaper. And one more thing: My wife would frown on me wearing one with scantily clad women with big boobs, so please avoid those. I’m traditionalist. I like the variety of crests and logos Harley offers, wings and bars and even an occasional skull.”

There you have it: Buy Scott a Harley Davidson dealer t-shirt from your local HD dealership. Mail it to him at Main Street Rag, PO BOX 690100, Charlotte, NC 28227-7001 and earn a 2-year subscription worth $45.

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