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Brevity: New Craft & Pay for Writers

Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction online features two new craft essays for September:

“Silence and Not-Knowing: An Introduction, and Silence Is My Playlist (On Being Asked for One to Go with My Work)” by Lia Purpura

“Ignorance, Lies, Imagination and Subversion in the Writing of Memoir and the Personal Essay” by Lee Martin

Brevity has also announced that it will begin paying its writers: “For years, we have struggled as a volunteer effort with no revenue through advertising or subscriptions. So with great pride we announce that we will be able to pay our writers starting with the January 2011 issue, and, with luck and hard work, every issue forward.”

Of course, it takes money to pay money, so Brevity is also asking readers to consider making a “self-determined subscription fee.” All donations to this fund are promised to go directly to the writers whose works are selected for publication.

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