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Bookstore Closings & Relocations

The Reader’s Cove in Fort Collins, CO will be closing July 6. The website notice provides a list of reasons why the dream of owning a bookstore did not work out in reality (good insight for anyone who also ‘dreams’ of bookstore ownership: Be careful what you wish for, TRC’s owners say).

Hue Man Bookstore is Harlem (NY) is closing shop in its current location on July 31 and working to determine a ‘future format’ for the store: “So what next? While we are figuring out our amazing bookstore of the future, I will be working on several projects which will focus on giving ethnic writers an advantage in the marketplace. We will continue to be involved in the publishing of books and will ramp up our agency services to writers and publishers alike. Though we can not give you the future in a nutshell, we can tell you that on September 6th 2012 at 7:30Pm we will launch our new event format with Miami Heat Dwayne Wade. Partnering with a state of the art facility we can begin to create the kind of multi-platform customer experience we’ve always imagined. Stay tuned!” [The HMB website is currently offline.]

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