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Book :: Footprints of the Borderland

memorias2BorderSenses started in the Fall of 2000 with a simple idea: Provide a platform to aspiring writers and artists from El Paso and the border region to share their voices and images with the community. BorderSenses is actively involved in community-oriented literary projects because it believes that art can promote literacy and empower peoples’ lives.

The project Memorias del Silencio is the result of a collaboration between El Paso Community College, Community Education Program and BorderSenses. The objective of the project has been to offer creative writing workshops to GED courses for migrant farm workers and their families, with the idea of improving their writing and written skills. The writings that have emerged from these workshops, have been published in two volumes of the book Memorias del Silencio: Footprints of the Borderland. Besides generating new opportunities and a space for the voices of this sector of society, the project Memorias del Silencio wants to show the condition of immigrants who arrive to the United States to work in the fields.

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