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Book Covers: Halloween Edition

In honor of Halloween, here’s today’s book cover picks, which have an otherworldly air about them.

Hibernaculum, poetry by Sarah E. Colona, Gold Wake Press

from “Consulting the Winds”:

As any child of winter, she knew
The arts for summoning:
How to grip a knife for swift kills;
To trace runes with blood-slick fingers;
To ring fires with stones—herself with salt.

Vulgar Remedies, poetry by Anna Journey, Louisiana State University Press

from “Dermatographia”:

Somewhere there’s a dress that clings
like a Jackson night, late summer—strapless,

black crepe, a crux where the past
lingers like a Mississippi

vowel drawn out of itself
in my mother, 1963.

Beyond This Point There are Monsters, fiction by Roxanne Carter, Sidebrow Books

Like a gothic teleplay by Gertrude Stein, filmed by Andy Warhol, and transcribed into a stunning lyrical novel by the very voyeuristic monster at its center, lustful in equal measure for the scintilla of soap opera set pieces and the two women—one master, one slave—trapped in an ever-shifting atmosphere of vamp and apprehension.
“i look out of the window and watch as the waves suck back, white froth coiling and leavening; suddenly her face appears as if she is here, shining and beautiful. i have never seen her so clearly, so near. my heart, bloodthirsty, beats and i whisper. i whisper her name against the glass. i say her name and i am ungovernable.”
Happy Halloween reading! Look for new book reviews to be posted tomorrow, Nov. 1.
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