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Birthdays of Poets Blog

Here’s another great way to celebrate National Poetry Month, as well as poetry year-round. This site is tirelessly maintained by Andrew Christ of the River Junction Poets, who welcomes you to copy their Poets Birthday Readings where you live:

“Since June 2005 the River Junction Poets have hosted free Poets Birthday Readings at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Saginaw, Michigan to read and discuss life, poetry and the pursuit of happiness. We plan our events around the birthdays of poets; the bookstore mentions our events in its monthly in-store Newsletter. When we send a birthday card to the poet we celebrate, we include the Newsletter that mentions the event. We’ve received Thank You notes from several of these poets.

“The ongoing series of Poets Birthday Readings serves as a reminder that poetry comes from poets. By providing a friendly, non-threatening reading experience, poetry in general can become something for inexperienced readers to engage themselves in more. This blog features lists of poets and their birthdays, titles of their recent works and links to publishers and other pages with information about the poets.”

Read a great deal more about on the Birthday of Poets blog.

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