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Bateau in Color

Bateau magazine, with volume 5, now offers color not just on the cover but also inside on the pages. This allows for some creative color art to pop out. The editors say, “Volume 5 is a kind of breath. A pining and permitting. A thing that gives you patience when you can’t come up with it. A gift that eases a gift.”

Featured writers include Maria Adelmann, Benny Anderson, Glen Armstrong, Julie Babcock, Caitlin Bailey, Josh Bettinger, Caroline Cabrera, Megan Garr, James Heflin, RIch Ives, Timothy Kercher, Sara Lefsyk, George Looney, Lisa Allen Ortiz, Eliza Rotterman, Leona Sevick, D.E. Steward, Chelsa Whitton, and many more.

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