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Barrelhouse Presents Dark Sky Magazine

In what can best be categorized as a major communication snafu, Gabe Durham, Editor of Dark Sky Magazine writes that after accepting submissions and, along several other editors, putting together issue #17 of DSM, he sent it off to the founder/publisher. The reply: Dark Sky was closing shop – both the magazine and the press. That’s when “the editors of Barrelhouse stepped in and generously offered to host the issue on their site. The editors and contributors [of DSM] were unanimously in favor of this idea.” Wow.

Issue #17 of Dark Sky Matter can be found here on the Barrelhouse website (though the cover image may make you sorry you looked – and yet, I’ll bet you’ll look at it twice!).

What a great show of support from Barrelhouse to all associated with DSM. I’m pretty sure it’s what Swayze would have done.

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