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Award :: Tupelo Press 2008 Snowbound Chapbook

Winner of the Tupelo Press 2008 Snowbound Chapbook Award

Judge Dana Levin has selected Stacey Waite of Pittsburgh, PA as winner of the 2008 Snowbound Series Chapbook Award. Her manuscript, titled “the lake has no saint,” will be published by Tupelo Press in 2010.

The runners up are:

Jamie O’Halloran of Los Angeles, CA for “The Visible Woman”
John Surowiecki of Amston, CT for “Mr. Niedzwiedzki’s Pink House”
Deb Casey of Eugene, OR for “Spit & Purr”

Other Finalists:

Lisa Beskin – Belchertown, MA, “Shadow Globe”
Remica Bingham – Norfolk, VA, “The Body Speaks”
John de Stefano – New York, NY, “From: Critical Opalescence and the Blueness of the Sky”
Mary Helen Molinary – Memphis, TN, “The Book of 8:38”
Howard Robertson – Eugene, OR, “Three Odes to Gaia”
Robin Beth Schaer – New York, NY, “Almost Tiger”
Suzume Shi – New London, CT, “Ao”
Jacob Shores-Arguello – Fayetteville, AR, “John Barleycorn Must Die”
Janet Sylvester – Kittery, Maine, “The Unbinding”


Hadara Bar-Nadav – Kansas City, MO, “Fable of Flesh”
Colin Cheney – Brooklyn, NY, “Here There Be Monsters”
Mark Conway – Avon, MN, “Dreaming Man, Face Down”
John de Stefano – New York, NY, “From: Three-Body Problems”
Joanne Diaz – Chicago, IL, “Violin”
Jennifer Kwon Dobbs – New York, NY, “Mongrel Angels”
Matthew Hittinger – Astoria, NY, “Spectacular Reflection”
Christina Hutchins – Albany, CA, “Dark Creek”
M. Smith Janson – Florence, MA, “Letter Written in this Life, Mailed from the Next”
Jesse Lee Kercheval – Madison, WI, “My Life as a Silent Movie”
Sandra Kohler – Dorchester, MA, “Final Summer”
Gary Copeland Lilley – Swannanoa, NC, “Wade In Da Wahtuh”
Matthew Lippman – Claverack, NY, “Moses”
Mike Maniquiz – Clovis, CA, “Cooking Frutti Di Mare on This Early Evening Before the
Night Falls on Kentucky Hillsides”
Mary Helen Molinary – Memphis, TN, “This Book of Sun”
Rusty Morrison – Richmond, CA, “Insolence”
Teresa Pfeifer – Chicopee, MA, “Little Matryoshka”
Joseph Radke – Milwaukee, WI, “A Source of Reasons”
Boyer Rickel – Tucson, AZ, “reliquary”
Reginald Shepherd – Pensacola, FL, “Photos of the Fallen World: Poems”
Page Hill Starzinger – New York, NY, “Black Tongue”
Barry Sternlieb – Richmond, MA, “Winter Crows”
Jonathan Weinert – Concord, MA, “Charged Particles”

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