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August Literary Magazine Reviews

This month’s literary magazine reviews discuss stories and poems with magical realism, a friend named Toothbrush, “Sex at Seventy,” tales from serving in Iraq, golden shovel haiku sonnets, a ten-year-old who must guard the school mascot—her mother, redemption, striking visual art, arranged marriages, multiple wives, and even a man who attempts suicide in his wedding tuxedo. I also spy (with my little eye) a magazine featuring undergrad writers, one featuring writers that are 57+ in age, one with new editors, and one that is brand new. Magazines reviewed include:

A Cappella Zoo
Apalachee Review
Burnside Review
Catamaran Literary Reader
Catfish Creek
Cruel Garters
Exit 7
The Iowa Review
Nimrod International Journal
Smartish Pace
Soundings East
The Tusculum Review

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