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Audiobooks :: Mistakes to Avoid

Read Me a Story, Brad Pitt
When audiobook casting goes terribly wrong.
By Nate DiMeo
Slate Magazine
Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008

“…Audiobooks can be spectacular. But too many fine books are still being turned into bad audiobooks; worse still, their producers are making the same mistakes over and over. What follows are the three most common pitfalls—and how to avoid them.”

An insightful article for those interested in making this still-lasting medium for readers/listeners (esp. with easy access to downloads). I know I still enjoy listening to books when I walk, most recently working my way through A Long Way Gone read by author Ishmael Beah. It doesn’t always work to have authors read their own books, just like not every poet is great at public readings, but when you can find the right combination of reader (whether author or not) and text, audiobooks are their own literary magic.

Read the article here.

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