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Rare Audio from Anthology Film Archives (1964-1974)

UbuWeb has announced a new project in their ongoing partnership with Anthology Film Archives in New York City. This is the first in a series of over 1,000 tapes from the Anthology historic audio collection. These recordings feature many years worth of interviews, lectures, question & answer sessions and other amazing discoveries.

The first series includes: P. Adams Sitney Interviews Kenneth Anger on WNYC’s “Arts Forum” (1972); Charles Levine Interviews Robert Breer (July 1970); Jonas Mekas Interviews Emile De Antonio (11/06/1969); Jonas Mekas Interviews Emile De Antonio (11/06/1969); Poetry And The Film: Amos Vogel, Maya Deren, Parker Tyler, Willard Maas & Dylan Thomas Sessions 1 & 2 At Cinema 16 (10/28/ 1953); P. Adams Sitney Interviews Sidney Peterson On WNYC’s “Arts Forum” (1976); P. Adams Sitney Interviews Sidney Peterson On WNYC’s “Arts Forum” (1976); Annette Michelson Interviews Yvonne Rainer On WNYC’s “Arts Forum” (01/25/1974); Pauline Kael And Stan Brakhage (1964); Robert Haller Interviews Carolee Schneemann (11/30/1973); Hollis Frampton At Binghampton University, Part 1 & 2 (03/11/1972); Ken Jacobs, Larry Gottheim, Stan Brakhage: Binghampton Council Of Churches (11/23/1970) defending a Hermann Nitsch action; Harry Smith Interviewed by P. Adams Sitney (1965).

You can also read selections from FILM CULTURE Magazine (1955-1996) including many of the artists featured in the audio archive.

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