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Arcadia’s First Guest-Edited Issue

Arcadia‘s “The Post-Traumatic Issue” is guest-edited by Benjamin Reed, the magazine’s first guest editor. He writes, “I didn’t choose ‘The Post-Traumatic’ as the theme for this issue of Arcadia in order to navigate the reader to some topical tropic, some tangential island just off the known continent of literature. I did not ask writers to submit stories of aftermath, loss, and recovery in order to explore the cognitive and literary backwaters of how life becomes art, or vice versa, but rather to draw the reader even closer to the art of defragmentation, which is always at the very center of the many means and motives at play when we sit down to write.”

For the issue, Reed selected work by Joe Amaral, Erika Anderson, Martin Barkley, Catherine Campbell, Tanya Chernov, Aubrey Edwards, Tessa Fontaine, Lindsay Illich, John Liles, Peter Mason, Katherine Menjivar, Don Peteroy, Amber Rambharose, Jordan Rossen, Joe Scott, Hali Fuailelagi Sofala, Dan Szymczak, and Bradford Tice.

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