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Apostrophe Cast Reading Series Podcast

Previously posted but missing link (sorry readers!):

Edited by Guy Benjamin Brookshire, Amanda Choi, Danielle Roderick, and John Dermot Woods, Apostrophe Cast is a bi-weekly online reading series, delivered as a podcast. Every other Wednesday evening they post a new reading from a different writer. One author, one reading. You can listen directly from the site or subscribe to the podcast and have MP3’s of readings delivered to automatically.

With this impressive list of authors, I can’t believe there isn’t someone already there for everyone, with the promise of more to come:

James Belflower
Joan Biddle
Matt Bondurant
Randall Brown
Blake Butler
Amina Cain
Brian Connell
Mark Ehling
Dandy Elf
Brian Evenson
Daniel Groves
Garth Risk Hallberg
Clane Hayward
Sheila Heti
B.J. Hollars
MC Hyland
Kristen Iskandrian
Shane Jones
Porochista Khakpour
Matthew Kirkpatrick
Michael Kimball
Amy King
Mark Leidner
Sam Lipsyte
Andrew Lundwall
Sabrina Orah Mark
Josh Maday
Carson Mell
Richard Nathan
Celeste Ng
Alissa Nutting
Ned Oldham
Danielle Pafunda
Joshua Parkinson
Cecily Parks
Sheri Reynolds
Mary Phillips-Sandy
Jane Sandor
Shanthi Sekaran
Richard Siken
Claudia Smith
Nida Sophasarun
Donna Stonecipher
Michael Swierz
Ben Tanzer
Allison Titus
Jesse Toussaint & Dent Sweat
Harry Thomas
William Walsh
James Warner
Caki Wilkinson
Ryan Wilson
Ying Xu

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