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Annual Prairie Schooner Writing Prizes

Prairie Schooner, the quarterly literary magazine published at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for 83 years has given eighteen writing prizes for work published in its 2008 volume. Thanks to generous supporters, total prize money awarded was $8,500, with the highest individual prize worth $1,500. (Read more about the writers on the PS Blog.)

The Lawrence Foundation Award of $1,000 was won by Paul Eggers for the story “Won’t You Stay?” from the Winter issue.

The $1,500 Glenna Luschei Prairie Schooner Award was won by Marilyn Chin for her “Fables” published in the Summer issue.

Paula Peterson won the Virginia Faulkner Award for Excellence in Writing of $1,000 for her story “Shelter” from the Spring issue.

Bradford Tice is awarded the Edward Stanley Award of $1,000 for his three poems from the Winter issue.

The Bernice Slote Award of $500 for the best work by a beginning writer was won by James Crews for his four poems published in the Fall issue.

The Annual Prairie Schooner Strousse Award of $500 goes to Christianne Balk for her poems from the Fall issue.

The Jane Geske Award of $250 is awarded to Adrienne Su for three poems from the Summer issue.

Nicholas Rinaldi wins the Hugh J. Luke Award of $250 for his story, “An Insanity, a Madness, a Furor,” from the Summer issue.

There were ten winners of the Glenna Luschei Prairie Schooner Awards of $250 each. These awards are made possible through the generosity of Glenna Luschei.

Mitch Wieland for his story, “Swan’s Home,” in the Fall issue
Allison Amend for her story, “Dominion Over Every Erring Thing,” in the Summer issue
Colette Sartor for her short story, “Lamb,” in the Spring issue
Maggie Anderson for her poem, “Black Overcoat,” in the Summer issue
Ander Monson for five poems in the Spring issue
Valerie Sayers, for her story, “Age of Infidelity,” in the Summer issue
Todd Boss for three poems in the Spring issue
Asako Serizawa for her story, “Luna,” in the Summer issue
Annie Boutelle for her poem, “Hypothesis,” in the Fall issue
Erinn Batykefer for her seven poems in the Fall issue.

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