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American Literary Review Last Print Issue

If you love American Literary Review, you best get your hands on their current issue. It will be their last print issue. However, this doesn’t mean they are extinct! Starting with the Fall 2013 issue, the magazine will be featured exclusively online. “The necessity of change has taken us a little by surprise, although publications before us have taken to the ehter, due to economic circumstances and the attendant promise of a wider readership,” writes Editor Ann McCutchan. “And while we mourn the physical journal, we’re excited about the advantages of the new format.”

With the new format, the magazine can be offered for free—and who doesn’t love free—and will be able to fit in even more poems, stories, and essays, with a “substantially beefed-up book review section.”

McCutchan extends her gratitude to her editors and everyone that has worked with the magazine as well as to the readership. “Jim Lee imagined that if he built it, ‘they’ would come. Now after more than two decades, it’s fair to say that you’ve built it, with your writing and readership. Once more, thank you, and we’ll see you online.”

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