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Afghan Women’s Writing Project

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project began as an idea during novelist Masha Hamilton’s last trip to Afghanistan in November 2008. Her interest in Afghanistan was sparked in the late 1990s during the Taliban period, when she understood it was one of the worst places in the world to be a woman.

The project reaches out to talented and generous women author/teachers here in the United States and engages them, on a volunteer, rotating basis, to teach Afghan women online from Afghanistan…Portions of the work will be put on a blog on a regular basis…it is intended to instill a sense of pride for these women…it is also intended to educate us, the teachers and readers of the blog, about what the Afghan women’s childhoods and young adulthoods were like under the Taliban, and what they feel about current conditions in their country…[it] is also meant to be a record of the project itself…it is intended to provide a positive link between Afghans and Americans at a time when those relationships have to some degree soured.

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