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ABZ Goes Biennial

ABZ Poetry Magazine announces in their latest issue (#8) that they will no longer publish annually and instead move to a biennial publication cycle. “Poems for Issue Nine will be read in 2015,” it says.

The current issue, however, features Priscilla Atkins, Jan Ball, John F. Buckley, Rick Campbell, Bruce Cohen, Geraldine Connolly, Mark DeFoe, Richard Hague, Lola Haskins, William Jolliff, Charles Nutter Peck, Rachael Peckham, Kenneth Pobo, Charles Rammelkamp, Daniel Saalfeld, Steve Scafidi, Ciara Shuttleworth, Red Shuttleworth, Richard Spilman, Charles Stacy, Slobodanka Strauss, Stephen Sundin, Melissa Tuckey, Mitchell Untch, and Arne Weingart. Read up; it’ll be two years until you get another.

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