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ABR & Readers on Teaching Creative Writing

American Book Review offers a focus on the question of teaching creative writing in its May/June 2009 issue, including their introduction: “Why Teach Creative Writing?” and responses from Lee K. Abbott, Angela Ball, Leslee Becker, Kelly Cherry, Bret Anthony Johnston, Anna Leahy, Lance Olsen, Julie Shigekuni, and Steve Tomasula.

There’s a great deal to be garnered from these thoughtfully concise responses, not only for writers, but for teachers, students, and all who call themselves readers.

Yes, readers: just because you’re not a “creative writing” teacher/student/writer doesn’t mean you have no stake in this issue. Much in the same way we concern ourselves with the ingredients in the foods we eat, reading about this issue of teaching creative writing has much to to with understanding the ingredients of what we consume when we read.

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