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A Sorta Father’s Day Poem by David Fraser

Here’s one from Killing Trout and Other Love Poems that I thought of on this Father’s Day. It’s fun to hear Dave read this one himself, at the end of it, he gives an incredulous, “Mom!”

My Father’s Old Camera Said…

the old camera said,
when I picked it up,
said something about

3 dozen grey sunsets,
before that, a factory
in Germany, it had

traveled, sat around
the shop, been opened
and closed like the mouth

of a horse, traded
on an impulse,
caught me, young,
leaning against the crescent moon
next to the wishing
well on Belle Isle,

caught my uncle catching
trout, my brother diapered
and crying in my old crib.

and before that, had seen my mother
nearly naked, smiling at it,
adjusting her fake fur stole.

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