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5×5 magazine: “Under Construction”

The newest issue of 5×5 announces upcoming changes to the magazine. Poetry Editor Jory Mickelson writes, “Perhaps it would be best to say that our next theme for 5×5 is ‘Under Construction.’ While this isn’t the actual theme, it’s definitely a signpost for the changes we are making to our literary magazine.”

The founder and Editor-in-Chief Bradley Wonder will be resigning and “handing off the reigns of 5×5 so that it can continue to grow,” says Mickelson. Mickelson and Sonya Dunning will stay with 5×5. Wonder writes, “for me, as well as 5×5, I feel like this is a step forward. Time for a new chapter in my life, and a lot of great changes for 5×5.”

Among those changes is a transition to a quarterly online-only magazine in an attempt to reach a larger audience. Each year, they plan to publish a “Best of 5×5” in print. The current issue will be the last print quarterly. However, current subscribers will be added to the list to receive the first copy of the “Best of” issue.

This issue, themed “Backwards,” is actually backwards. The front cover is on the “back” where the content begins. “This issue’s all backwards,” says Wonder. “But within each spread, you’ll still read left to right, top to bottom. Although you may have fun reading some of the stories backwards.” It includes work from Stephanie Papa, Leonard Kogan, Joanne Mallari, Lily Cao, Shabnam Nadiya, Melissa McElhose, Richard Marx Weinraub, Willy Conley, Therin Johns, Peter Cooley, Evvan Burke, Catherine Doucette, Ariane Sanford, and Jess Feldman.

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