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32 Things We Really Should Apologize For

On the back of the current issue of 32 Poems is a playful list of “32 Things We Really Should Apologize For,” written by Aaron Alford and Lauri Anderson Alford. Here are some of the best lines:

2. Touching the belly of a pregnant woman who was not pregnant
4. Watching so many kitten videos on YouTube [Though if you ask me, you don’t have to apologize]
7. Texting something mean about Liz and accidentally sending it to Liz.
19. That time we got on WebMD and diagnosed you with six different diseases.
23. Telling Liz, “It’s fine. No one can tell you’re not wearing a bra.”
29. Standing too close in the supermarket and judging your groceries.
32. Creating an eHarmony profile for Liz without telling her.

All I have to say is, poor Liz.

The rest of the issue features “Chad Davidson, Anna Journey, Amit Majmudar, Caki Wilkinson and nearly two-dozen other poets as fine as you’ll find anywhere.”

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