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30 Years for Amoskeag

Amoskeag has released their 30th anniversary issue. Editor Michael J. Brien writes that this issue “represents first time authors along with Puschart Prize nominees, presenting works of survival, nostalgia, hope, hurt, grief, and redemption…,” featuring work by Deborah Brown, Donna Pucciani, SNHU’s MFA Award in prose winner James Seals, the SNHU Undergraduate Prose Winner Amy Fontenot, the SNHU Undergrduate poetry winner Natalie Jones, the New Hampshire High School Poetry Winner Kelsey Jarvis, the New Hampshire High School Prose Winner Emily Bascom, and more.

Along with the issue came an announcement that the next issue, Issue 31 to be released in April, will be the last for Editor Brien. “The University has been blessed with the continuing of this national journal for over thirty years,” he says. “Each editor has contributed to Amoskeag‘s growth and expansion. This year we have had two of our authors, Ainey Greaney and John Debon, selected as Notables in The Best American Essays of 2013. It’s stuff like that that makes me as an editor hopeful in each submission that arrives at my desk.” Benjamin Nugent will be taking over with issue 32.

The press release states that “With the change of editor, the magazine will continue to produce noteworthy and thought-provoking poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography, etc., but will also take new steps towards better serving the future creative writing majors of the SNHU community. The literary magazine greatly focuses on showcasing their work as well as the work of other aspiring and established regional, national and International writers.”

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