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2nd River Creates the Flow

2River has just released the 12.2 (Winter 2008)issue of The 2River View, with new poems by Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Mark Cunningham, Lightsey Darst, DejaEarley, Taylor Graham, Mercedes Lawry, Patrick Leonard, Jo McDougall, BrentPallas, Emily Scudder, and Phibby Venable; and new art by Mitko Zhelezarov.

Available now online and in PDF format is Number 18 in the 2River Chapbook Series. In his collection of prose poems, Attractions, John Allman uses memory and speculation to bring together subjects as diverse as Einstein, Yugoslavia, chickens, drums, evergreens, and Christopher Columbus.

2nd River also hosts Muddy Bank: podcasts and commentaries and a “Favorite Poem Project” site which combine poetry and video: “Many of the videos here originated as assignments by creative writing students at St. Louis community College—Meramec. The Favorite Poem assignment is based on another in which the students compile an anthology of contemporary poetry. In the Favorite Poem Project, students present a poem from their anthology as their favorite poem. Anyone, however, is encouraged to follow the lead of these students and submit videos to the 2River Favorite Poem Project.”

Great stuff for teachers and students as well as us general readers.

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