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New Lit on the Block :: Zhagaram Literary Magazine

Publishing twice a year as a free downloadable PDF, Zhagaram Literary Magazine was founded to create a literary magazine of Indian origin that publishes international work. “In Tamizh, one of the oldest languages,” Editor Suchita Senthil Kumar explains of the publication’s name, “Zhagaram is a word that refers to a sound. The zh sound is pronounced as ɻ and is a reflex approximant (not the zz sound although it is written that way. The ɻ is a sound resembling an L and R sound together). Zhagaram is the word that refers to this zh sound.

“We aim at publishing work that explores the human condition through the lens of culture, heritage, and language,” Kumar says. “Thus, Zhagaram aims to be a creative space accessible to writers of marginalized communities, giving them an international platform to express their voices. At the same time, we are also open to submissions from international writers, which makes a magazine displaying a vast tapestry of cultures in our diverse publication.”

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