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Magazine Stand :: Whispering Wind Magazine – #333

Whispering Wind American Indian Past & Present issue #333 cover image

The newest bimonthly print issue of Whispering Wind Magazine: American Indian Past & Present is filled with well-researched and written articles related to history, crafts, and culture as well as information about related national organizations and events. In issue #333, readers can find “Umbilical Amulets: The History and Culture of the Sprite Lake Dakota” by Louis Garcia, “Hairbow Chokers: A Unique Style of Dentalium Choker” by Scott Thompson, “Central Plains Dance Bandolier: An Interesting Variant” by Richard Green, “Crow Hot Dance, 18102” by Allen Chronister, and “Recording the Collection” by Jim Olson. Regular features also include AuctionCorner, Museums & Galleries, BookCorner, Letters, Classified Ads, Curated Ads, and a cartoon by Terry Robinson. Whispering Wind is available in print or digital by subscription. Gift subscriptions are available.