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New Book :: Best of the Sucks

Best of the Sucks poetry collection edited by Mark Spitz book cover image

Best of the Sucks: High-Octane Poetix from the Legendary Toad Suck Review
Edited by Mark Spitz
MadHat Press, March 2022

For fans of the legendary Toad Suck Review, and for anyone who missed that boat but would have an appreciation for innovative literature that’s quirky, edgy, and International Avant-Garde, this revival publication is your ticket to get on board. This publication will reestablish Toad Suck Editions as MadHat takes it into the future, so consider this your time to catch up with the class! Digging back to its Exquisite Corpse roots, the transitional period to the inception of Toad Suck, and pummeling chronologically through the issues, works in this collection feature Michael Anania, Antler, Robert Archambeau, Debangana Banerjee, Amiri Baraka, Nicolas Bataille, Elva Maxine Beach, Marck Beggs, Jericho Brown, William Burroughs, Vincent Cellucci, Ha Kiet Chau, Jack Collom, Gillian Conoley, Heather Cox, JJ Cromer, Tim Dardis, Diane di Prima, The Dirty Poet, Allen Ginsberg, Lea Graham, Brenda Mann Hammack, Matthew Henriksen, Jack Hirschman, Tyrone Jaeger, Stacy Kidd, klipschutz, Scotty Lewis, Lyn Lifshin, Gerald Locklin, Sandy Longhorn, James McWilliams, Henri Michaux, Mlle. Akakia-Viala, Craig Paulenich, Gabriel and Marcel Piqueray, Jacques Prévert, Arthur Rimbaud, Ed Sanders, Davis Schneiderman, Norman Shapiro, Chris Shipman, Tim Snediker, Gary Snyder, Mark Spitzer, Daryl Spurlock, Frank Stanford, Mike Topp, Joey Trimble, Anne Waldman, Ken Waldman, Laurie Welch, Lew Welch, and CD Wright.