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The Threepenny Review – Winter 2010

This thirtieth anniversary issue of the magazine (noted only on the cover, no grand recapping of great accomplishments or even an editorial remark on the milestone publication) is like every issue that has preceded it and, let us hope, every one that will follow – intelligent. I count on the The Threepenny Review to reassure me that there are intelligent voices, thoughtful and critical minds, broadly educated thinkers, careful writers, and intellectually viable perspectives producing consistently high quality work that doesn’t seek to grab attention, shore up trends, or even to set them. Continue reading “The Threepenny Review – Winter 2010”

The Threepenny Review – Spring 2004

Anne Carson, Gary Shhteyngart, and Mark Doty, all in this issue! There’s also a wonderful story (“The Red Fox Fur Coat”) by Teolinda Gersao, translated from the Portuguese by Margert Jull Costa, who also contributes a translation of an essay on Faulkner by Javier Marías, outstanding book essays by P.N. Furbank (on Geoffrey Hill’s Style and Faith) and Rachel Cohen (on a new edition of Rilke’s Letters On Cézanne), and C.K. Williams on Lowell’s Collected Poems, comparing poets to composers: “…that there are elements in the poems that I don’t care for, or even have to forgive, is incidental to the elemental experience of being taken again by Lowell’s singularly gratifying music.” The prose is accompanied by marvelous poems. Continue reading “The Threepenny Review – Spring 2004”

The Threepenny Review – Winter 2004

There is a certain perversity in newspaper-bound journals—after all, how can something as valuable as literature exist in such a vulnerable state, resembling Sunday-edition inserts destined, unread, for the recycling bin. Accustomed to the pretty, diminutive books that populate the same category, I was immediately disarmed by the lackluster appearance of The Threepenny ReviewContinue reading “The Threepenny Review – Winter 2004”