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Magazine Stand :: The Mercurian – Spring 2022

The Mercurian A Theatrical Translation Review Spring 2022 cover image

Hailing from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The Mercurian publishes translations of plays and performance pieces from any language into English, theoretical pieces about theatrical translation, rants, manifestos, and position papers pertaining to translation for the theatre, as well as production histories of theatrical translations. The most recent issue includes “1948” by Mara Parkhomovsky, translated from Hebrew by Atar Hadari; “atlas” by Thomas Köck, translated by Marc Silberman; “CyranA” adapted from Edmond Rostand, by Doug Zschiegner; and “The Girl Who Was Cyrano” by Guillermo Baldo, translated by LuisDa Molina Rueda. This issues as well as back issues can be fully accessed online.