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Magazine Stand :: The Decadent Review – June 2023

Screenshot of literary magazine The Decadent Review's website

Publishing online on a rolling basis, The Decadent Review‘s latest poetry, criticism, essays, and reviews include Ruth Towne’s ekphrasis over Lee Miller’s photograph “Tanja Ramm Under a Bell Jar“; James M. Magrini’s “Poiētic Truth (Alētheia) in Archaic Greece“, a Heideggerian analysis of Marcel Detienne’s concept of alētheia and poetry; Karin Falcone Krieger’s review of Dan Beachy-Quick’s “Wind-Mountain-Oak: The Poems of Sappho”; Charles Upton’s on whether Can Artificial Intelligence Really Write Poetry; Johnny Payne’s criticism of modern poetry in “After Apocalypse Tristesse“; Nancy Chapple’s spoken word and piano essay on Shostakovich’s 24 Preludes and Fugues, Op. 87; amongst other poems and texts for readers to enjoy in an openly accessible format.