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Driftwood Press Wants Your Graphic Work

Any graphic novelists or comic creators in the house? Driftwood Press is eager to hear from you! They currently accept short graphic works (one image up to 22 pages of comic art) for publication in their biannual, online journal. They’re open to serializing longer graphic works with presentation of the work’s first chapter and a series outline. The editors also seek graphic novel manuscripts for publication consideration. Submit full or partial manuscripts via Submittable.

Comic submissions to the magazine and graphic novel manuscript submissions are both free. Learn more about what they’re looking for at their website.

But if graphic work isn’t for you, the magazine is still accepting submissions for two of their contests until July 1.

Hate Waiting? ALR’s Flash Flood Contest Is for You

ALR Flash Flood ContestMy least favorite aspect of submitting work is waiting for a reply. I’m so eager to hear back that checking my email inbox almost becomes a hobby.

For writers who feel similarly, consider submitting to American Literary Review‘s Flash Flood Contest which consists of two week submission windows for stories up to 1000 words. Winners will be decided upon by the following Friday and will be published at the ALR website shortly after.

You have a few more days to send in your stories for this submission period. Learn more about the Flash Flood guidelines at their website.

Show Lit Mags Some Love

Need something to keep your mind busy? Try a literary magazine. Our Guide to Literary Magazines includes hundreds of options for you to delve into.

Subscribe or order an issue of your favorite print magazine, or filter by online magazines to get quick and easy access to quality writing right on your phone or computer. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with what their editors are looking for, so see who’s currently open for submissions, or make a note of reading periods for those who aren’t accepting work currently.

And if you read something you loved, let the writer know! Drop a note on social media or send them an appreciative email. Stay connected and show support while the world feels a little wild at the moment.

Home with the Kids? Write!

YA Guide There have been plenty of great resources shared around the web recently for keeping your kids occupied while schools are currently closed, and we’ve got another one to throw your way.

Our Young Writers Guide to Publications and our Young Writers Guide to Contests are great ways to get the creativity flowing and imaginations stimulated, and they may even secure a little bit of quiet time for your own working or writing.

There are a handful of contests deadlines left this month, which is a good place to start. Plus, you can find plenty of publications by young writers to read in between writing and submitting.

Brevity blog: Seven Stages of Submittable

Alison-Lowenstien-at-Brevity-Blog.jpeg“Seven Stages of Submittable” by Alison Lowenstein, Brevity Blog.


After meticulously crafting a brief cover letter and biographical statement, you upload your work of creative genius, along with a twelve-dollar submission fee. You press submit and enter a period of limbo when you see the essay, along with your many other submissions–ranging from haikus to flash fiction, logged as Received.


Every evening you visit the web page for the literary journal you submitted to and imagine yourself on their homepage. Fantasizing that within minutes of the essay being on the journal’s website you get a book deal or at least an inquiry from a literary agent… [Read full blog post]