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Sponsored :: New Book :: Another Name for Darkness

cover of Sans. PRESS sixth anthology Another Name for Darkness

Another Name for Darkness: Sans. PRESS Anthology #6

Sans. PRESS, December 2023

A lifetime buried in the mud, a shadow haunting your past, a creature built from offered scraps – there is something lurking in the dark! In this new collection, 15 writers explore the many shapes that darkness can take, from the monstrous to the stark realities of loss and heartbreak. In tales that embrace both the mundane and the supernatural, nothing is impossible, and realities can be shattered and rebuilt for those willing to dare.

March 2023 eLitPak :: Open Call – Passageway Anthology

Screenshot of Sans. PRESS passageway anthology open call flyer
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Deadline: March 27, 2023
Until March 27, Sans. PRESS is looking for stories for our fifth anthology! Passageway is for stories that dare to experiment, that cross further than they have ever been before, and that encounter whatever may come with hope and open arms. All genres welcome, as long as they explore a story of crossing over to the unknown. Visit website and view flyer for more information.

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August 2022 eLitPak :: Sans. PRESS – Open Call for New Anthology!

Screenshot of August 2022 eLitPak flier for Sans. PRESS Into Chaos submissions call
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Sans. PRESS, a new indie publisher from Ireland, is looking for short stories for their newest anthology, INTO CHAOS. Open to all genres and writers, we want unexpected stories that show us new layers to reality! Free to submit and selected writers will be offered €150 for stories. View flier or Visit website to learn more.

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