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New Book :: The Hungers of the World

The Hungers of the World by John Morgan book cover image

The Hungers of the World: New & Collected Later Poems by John Morgan
Salmon Poetry, April 2023

The Hungers of the World: New & Collected Later Poems by John Morgan joins its companion volume, The Moving Out: Collected Early Poems, published in 2019, to provide a comprehensive gathering of this Alaskan poet’s work. Originally from New York, Morgan moved with his family to Fairbanks, Alaska in 1976 to direct the creative writing program at the University of Alaska. In 1982, he and his wife Nancy built a house overlooking the Tanana River with a long view south to the Alaska Range. Morgan has written a series of poems which feature that view as it changes month by month through the seasons. Morgan’s family features prominently in his work as well as larger topics that deal with history and the arts. The final section of The Hungers of the World contains two long poems: The Wedge and River of Light: A Conversation with Kabir. The latter takes the reader on an adventurous raft trip down the Copper River in Southcentral Alaska with the Indian mystic poet Kabir as Morgan’s imaginary companion and spiritual guide.

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