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New Book :: Lies About Black People

Lies about Black People by Omekongo Dibinga book cover image

Lies about Black People: How to Combat Racist Stereotypes and Why It Matters by Omekongo Dibinga
Prometheus Books, July 2023

From the Black Lives Matter movement to the health and economic disparities exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have been forced to reckon with our country’s fraught history – and present – of racial bias and inequality. Now that we have scratched the surface of courageous conversations about race, many are wondering: what is the next step toward healing and justice? Lies About Black People: How to Combat Racist Stereotypes and Why it Matters is designed for anyone who wants to examine their own biases and behaviors with a deeper critical lens in order to take action, make change, and engage positively in the fight for racial equality.

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