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Magazine Stand :: Mistake House Magazine – Issue 8

Mistake House Magazine online literary journal of poetry, fiction, and photography Issue 8 cover image

Mistake House Magazine is an annual online literary journal of fiction, poetry, and photography by currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students. It is designed and edited by undergraduate students at Principia College. Each issue also includes the “Soap Bubble Set,” which features two professionals – a practicing visual artist and a writer whose work is highlighted alongside the magazine’s selection of student poetry, fiction, and photography. Mistake House seeks literary fiction and poetry that “provides a sense of insight, compassionate justice, a space of rest, and a sense of coming home, including poetry and fiction expressive of documentary poetics.” The current issue includes Fiction by R. Jade Sperr, Jia-An Lee, Max Hunt; Poetry by Sophia Alise, Madison Folsom, Nicole Knorr, Faith Earl, Tijana Zderic, Caitlin Huntly, Kirsten Meehan, Kristen Grace, R. Jade Sperr, Sarah Iqbal, Olivia Skinner, Jeniya Dabish, Jessie Taylor, Elisabeth Graham, Logan Funderburg, Danielle Horn, Emma Maxfield, Andi Moritz, Nate Zipp, Brianna Drahms, Kelly C. Flanagan, Kiersten Wright, Atlas Chambers, Timothy Batchelder, Katie Mihalek, and Kyrstyn Cieply; and Photography by Joselyn Flores, Isabella Guerrero, Camille Abadie, Jack Connors, Sakar Shrestha, Christopher Ajuoga, and Grace Pécheck. The Soap Bubble Set pairs visual artist Samira Yamin and poet Benjamin Garcia for an in-depth look at their work and processes.