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Magazine Stand :: Lunch Ticket – Issue 20

Lunch Ticket Literary Art Magazine winter spring 2022 cover image

Lunch Ticket Literary and Art Journal Winter/Spring 2022 is online for all to read published by the Antioch MFA in Creative Writing Program and features fiction by J. T. Townley, Poetry, Joanne Durham, Maya Lewis, Abhijit Sarmah, Ellen June Wright; Writing for Young People featuring Dana Blatte; flash prose by Brett Biebel, Jorge Torrente Cabrera, Minna Dubin, Eliot Li, Linda McMullen, Amber Wozniak; interviews with Robin Davidson, Crystal Hana Kim, Locascio Nighthawk, Paisley Rekdal, Sally Wen Mao; creative nonfiction by Julia F. Green, H’Abigail Mlo; the Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction selections by Diane Forman, JoeAnn Hart, Kristin Marie, Dana Kroos; art by Guilherme Bergamini, Henry Hu, Dana Kroos; and the Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation & Multilingual Texts selections.