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New Book :: Dreamer: Poems in Culture

Dreamer: Poems in Culture by Alan Botsford book cover image

Dreamer: Poems in Culture by Alan Botsford
Cyberwit.net, January 2023

Dreamer: Poems in Culture, a companion volume with Possessions: Poems in American Poetry, features poems spoken in the voices of 170 contemporary cultural figures east and west, high and low, among them Lady Gaga, Clint Eastwood, Toni Morrison, Saul Williams, John Berger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Roger Federer, Joan Baez, Bong Joon Ho, Tom Hanks, Bill Maher, Jerry Seinfeld, Bob Dylan, Dave Chappelle, Rihanna, Claire Danes, Diane Seuss, Ocean Vuong, Pico Iyer, George Clooney, Angela Carter, Wendy C. Oritz, Maggie Nelson, Cheryl Strayed, Patti Smith, Julian Assange, Barack Obama, Marilynne Robinson, Camille Paglia, Laura Kipnis, Oprah Winfrey, Mary Gaitskill, Rachel Cusk, Kendrick Lamar, Yuval Noah Harari, and Lewis Hyde, to name a few. It is also an attempt to lay bare the workings of the shadow economy rooted in vernacular energies, exploring how our rational thought process is linked to our dream life.