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Lit Mag Covers :: Picks of the Week – May 13, 2024

Lit Mag Covers: Picks of the Week recognizes cover art and designs for literary magazines, whether in print or online. These are chosen solely at the discretion of the Editor. Enjoy!

This gorgeous cover on the Spring-Summer 2024 issue of Third Coast is a digital collage by Ashley Miller.

The cover of Conjunctions print issue 82, themed “Works & Days,” features the artwork of Jacob Lawrence, Watchmaker (1946) with cover design by Jerry Kelly, New York.

As a fan of Jaws, I couldn’t resist this Spring 2024 cover image on Fence, and this great story to go along with it: “Reports of series of shark attacks in July 1918 along the New Jersey Shore went viral in that era’s media, gripping the public’s attention. On July 12, the shark found its way into the freshwater Matawan Creek, attacking bathers and self-appointed rescuers at this exact location in Matawan, NJ, where, painted on a train bridge spanning the water, one can enter The Matawan Man-Eater Mural” (Tattoo Bob 2020).