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New Lit on the Block :: Bloodletter

If you thought you weren’t interested in horror, it’s time you read Bloodletter. Founded by filmmaker and writer Ariel McCleese, the mission of Bloodletter is “to reimagine the horror genre in feminist terms.” McCleese explains, “The delineation ‘feminist horror’ invites themes which marginalized groups are often compelled (or demanded) to repress—including rage, violence, psychological fear, and generational trauma. Our publication empowers women, trans, and non-binary writers to reframe their own historical victimization through the singular power of language and redefine the horror genre collectively.”

Even the name offers readers a new view of the genre, as McCleese shares, “I was trying to find a word that connected horror and literature. I wanted the name to be evocative, to stir something in people. When I finally came to Bloodletter, it felt like the perfect meeting point of the horrific and the literary. I also loved the connection to the history of bloodletting, the idea of bleeding to let go of something. It feels connected to writing and artmaking; these forms of expression allow us to release and transform horror into healing.”

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