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January 2024 eLitPak :: About Place Journal Call for Submissions: Strange Wests

Screenshot of About Place Journal's Strange Wests call for submissions flyer
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Deadline: March 10, 2024
The American West invokes a fraught mythology of whiteness, masculinity, and uninhabited terrain. Our next issue invites you to consider and reimagine all things West. Send us your prose, poetry, and visual art that conceives of the West beyond its conventional and colonialized framework to help us decenter traditional subjects and propagandized histories of this region. View flyer and visit website to learn more.

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Magazine Stand :: About Place Journal – October 2023

About Place Journal October 2023 cover image

As Robin Wall Kimmerer writes, “Maybe now, in this time when the myth of human exceptionalism has proven illusory, we will listen to intelligences other than our own, to kin. To get there, we may all need a new language to help us honor and be open to the beings who will teach us.” . . . In this issue of About Place, co-editors Nickole Brown and Erin Coughlin Hollowell gather work galvanized by this challenge. The result is an extraordinary chorus of writers and artists, each attempting to decenter our human story to speak not just about plants and animals but for them, bringing awareness to life beyond our human realm. Cover art by Rebecca Clark.

Magazine Stand :: About Place Journal – July 2023

About Place Journal July 2023 cover image

About Place Journal is published by the Black Earth Institute with each issue having a specific theme and edited by one of their BEI Fellows. The July 2023 issue is themed ‘On Rivers.’ Rivers are deep sources of connection and memory, holding very different meanings for different communities, and this issue seeks to honor the many types of relationships we have with rivers. Coeditors Teresa Dzieglewicz and Laura-Gray Street, with consulting editors Lucien Darjeun Meadows and Irene Vázquez, have curated a wide range of prose, poetry, visual art, and hybrid and multi-modal work, creating a collective view on rivers that is expansive and surprising.

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